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Hedges have been a part of the British landscape for centuries. The original purpose of laying a hedge was to keep livestock in fields but also to become a safe haven for wildlife. Hedgerow management including Hedge laying helps to maintain and preserve the part of the countryside for future generations.


Hedges are laid during the winter months from September until March. All hedges are laid in the traditional Devon Style.


Hedges are priced per metre. Depending on factors such as hedge condition, access and if the hedge is stock fenced either side will vary each individual quote.


Free Sites visits are carried out by myself. These are a great opportunity to meet up with potential clients, go through what work is to be completed and access the hedges condition.


We can carry out Hedge Planting on request. Weather it be for a new hedgerow or gapping up an existing hedge.


We use a native mix of hedgerow plants. Bamboo canes to help stabilise the saplings and Rabbit Guards to protect from Rabbit\ Deer damage.

Hedge Planting


We are able to carry out any job, ranging from shrub and hedge pruning in small gardens to major tree work contracts. All timber can be removed from site on request and any waste brash we can Woodchip remove at cost or leave it recycling on the finished site as part of landscaping.


Our area of expertise include:

  • Tree Surgery, including the Felling and removal of Trees.
  • Sectional tree dismantling.
  • Crown Reductions, Thinning and Pruning.
  • Crown lifting and formative pruning.
  • Tree planting with or without ongoing maintenance.
  • Formative pruning and shaping of Trees and Shrubs.
  • Management of Veteran, disease or damaged Trees and Wildlife Habitats.
  • Woodland management and Forestry Felling.


All work undertaken is carried out to a professional standard. Buddy is an experienced tree climber and all of our kit is new and is up to date with health and safety legislation and we are fully insured. We can advise on ecological constraints including Tree Preservation Orders , Felling Licences and other queries you may have regarding the job.

Tree Surgery


  • Stock fencing including Stewardship work
  • Post and Rail Fencing


Hedge Coppicing is a good way to regain management control of overgrown and neglected hedgerows.


The new growth can be reshaped providing an effective barrier and improve habitat for all types of wildlife.


Reducing the hedge size also improves light and airflow onto wet headland areas and can have a positive effect on ease of access to the land.



This in tales restoring livestock damaged hedgerows where the hedges are no longer able to act as a field boundary. Machinery is used to re-bank hedgerows. They can be left to regrow weeds/grass naturally over time or we can plant the hedge with saplings on the top of the banks to create a natural finish Devon Bank style hedge.

Wire Fencing


As a busy Tree surgery business dealing with other aspects of tree work, we offer Timber Milling on site or at our yard.


We often have various pieces of timber from a job that are ideal for other purposes other then ringing and logging up ready for the fire. Milling can be requested on behalf of the client for another potential job they have in mind or it enables us to extract large pieces of timber \ tree stumps in a more manageable way.


This has been somewhat of a goal of Buddy’s for some time as it’s a real shame when we see a nice piece of timber cut down for fire wood when it could be recycled and used in much better way.

On Site Tree Milling

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